Testing External Study Credit Granting

Once you have external study credit granting set up, you will want to test it before going live with real participants. The best way to do this is to test with a real participant account. During testing, you can set up the study with an Invitation Code (password) so real participants can’t sign up for it while you do your testing.

It’s also possible to test while logged in as a non-participant (like a researcher). Go to sona-systems.com/help/integration_test/ for information on how to test and troubleshoot any problems with credit granting.

The three most common problems when setting up external credit granting are:

  1. Study is set up as wrong type in our system. Be sure to set it up as an Online External Study (where participants are not given the URL until after they sign up).
  2. The URL participants get sent to at the end of the survey is incorrect. This URL is unique for each study in our system. So if you are re-using an old survey and created a new study in our system, be sure to update the URLs in that survey for crediting.
  3. Typo when adding in %SURVEY_CODE% to the Study URL field. Read the instructions carefully, as it needs to be set up exactly as specified or it won’t work.

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