Data Handling and Security Guidelines

In your role, you have access to your studies and you can see who has signed up for those studies. You may also have access to prescreen responses. Because of these privileges, you should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Secure Your Account. Use a password that is difficult to guess. The most secure passwords contain a combination of letters and numbers, do not spell a real word, and are at least 8 characters long. Your university IT department can provide you with assistance on choosing a secure password.
  • Secure Your Work Area. If you are logged into the system and you leave your computer, you should logout of the system or use a password lock on your computer. Ask your network administrator for help with setting up a password lock.
  • Handle Paper Documents Carefully. Any printouts from the system should be kept reasonably secure. Store them in a locking desk drawer out of the public view. Documents you decide to discard should be shredded if possible.

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