Studies for Pay

In cases where participants are compensated for their participation in the study, you may set it up as a paid study and specify the compensation amount. The payment field is text, so you do not need to type in an exact amount, but can type in anything like “Amazon Gift Card”, or even indicate a variable payment based on performance.
If participants are compensated and they receive credit, you should set it up as a credit study and indicate additional compensation in the study’s information section.
Regardless of the type of study, after a participant participates in a study (including studies that are for pay only), you should still go into the system and indicate their participation by noting either their participation or no-show when viewing their sign-up. This allows the system to properly enforce certain restrictions on the participant and their studies, such as pre-requisite and disqualifier study restrictions. It also ensures a proper record is kept in the system of their participation.

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