Modifying and Deleting Timeslots

To modify or delete a timeslot for a study, you must first choose the study that you would like to deal with. To view your studies, choose the My Studies link from the top toolbar. Choose the Timeslots option in the View column for the desired study. You will see a list of all recent timeslots. Timeslots that are in the past with no participants signed up will not be displayed. To work with timeslots more than a few days old and to see all timeslots, you will see a link to view all timeslots for the study. Select the timeslot you would like to deal with, and click the Modify button.

If the timeslot has no participants signed up for it, you will see a Delete button. You may not delete a timeslot that has participants signed up for it. You would need to first cancel all existing signups for the timeslot. If you would like to delete the timeslot, click the Delete button, and you will see a confirmation page. Choose Delete again to delete the timeslot.

If you would like to modify the timeslot, modify the desired information and click the Update button just below the timeslot information. Depending on your system configuration (Timeslot Change Limit setting), you may be restricted from changing key information about the timeslot (date, time, location, and number of participants) if it’s only a few hours before the timeslot will take place.

It is important to note that participants will not be notified of any changes you make to the timeslot. You should contact them via email, if information needs to be passed onto them. A link is provided on the same page to do so. If you change the date or time of the timeslot, you will be warned that this was changed, in the event the change was unintended. You may not update the size of the timeslot, meaning the number of participants, to a value lower than the current number of participants signed up for the timeslot. Generally, researchers only update timeslots with sign-ups to update the location if it was not available when the timeslot was originally created.

If the study or researcher is subject to timeslot time usage restrictions, the system will enforce them. This prevents you from making changes that would result in exceeding the timeslot usage limit, for example by increasing the number of participants.

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