Client-Side Completion URL Responses

For help with testing, listed below are the possible messages that the participant will see when they are redirected to the Client-Side Completion URL. It is important to note that if the system has a language enabled other than English, then the message will be displayed in the participant’s preferred language, instead of English (unless their language preference is English).

Possible Redirect Messages for Client-Side Completion

Status Message Explanation
Web study credit successfully granted. The credit was granted successfully.
No credit given because you are not a participant, and therefore cannot sign-up for this study. A non-participant account (e.g., the researcher) accessed the URL, but the URL was accessed correctly. Usually this happens when a non-participant clicks on the Sample Link with Embedded ID Code link from the study.
This message will occur when testing the credit granting setup. This indicates that everything is set up correctly.
Invalid experiment_id or credit_token. The experiment_id or credit_token in the completion URL was invalid. As this does not change for each participant, this is most likely to occur if the completion URL was somehow incomplete or truncated.
Invalid survey_code. The survey_code was not specified at all, or was blank. This may indicate the external study is not properly placing the survey_code in the completion URL.
Invalid survey_code. ## [some number] The survey_code was provided, but is not valid for this study.
You have already received credit for this study. / You have already participated in this study. The participant has already participated in this study and received credit/been marked as participated.
You are not eligible to participate in this study. The participant has already signed up for this study, but has been marked as a no-show, and has no other signups for this study, which are in Awaiting Action state.
Web study credit grant error. ## [some number] Some other generic error. Please contact Technical Support for more information.

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