Viewing a Survey as a Participant

If you would like to see how the survey would be displayed to participants, that can easily be done while setting up the survey. Next to each section in the section list, there will be a Preview Section link so you can view the section exactly as participants would see it. You may also view how the introductory and closing text will appear to participants, by choosing the Preview Introductory Text and Preview Closing Text options that appear on the Section List page.

Participants will see a basic progress display on the top right corner of each page. This display lists the section they are on (ordinal counting), and how many sections total are in the survey. When using Preview Section, you will see this progress display as well. Everything except the current section number will appear as “X” in preview mode since it is not an actual participant taking the survey (and randomization of section order may be involved).

If you find it necessary to go through the entire process as a real participant, you can do so by creating a test participant account. Set the online survey study so it has an invitation code, this way no other participants can sign up (since they will not know this invitation code). Then, sign up with your test participant account and take the survey. You can remove the invitation code later if necessary.

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