Creating Multiple Timeslots

If you would like to add multiple timeslots at once, choose the Add Multiple Timeslots link. You may choose to add a specified number of timeslots, or copy the timeslots from another week to a specified week. If you choose to copy timeslots, the system will copy the time, location, and number of participants for the specified week to the desired week, for each day of that week (starting with Monday).

If you choose to create a specified number of timeslots, you can choose the number of timeslots you would like to add, the start time and date, and the amount of time between each timeslot (to allow for breaks). You also may specify timeslots that would occur outside normal business hours be shifted to the next business day, and specify when business hours occur. The system considers Monday-Friday to be business days.

On the subsequent page, you may change any of this information to deal with special cases. Timeslots that you attempt to add that either have errors, or would result in exceeding the timeslot time usage limit will not be added. This feature is not available for web-based (online) studies, as web-based studies rarely have more than one timeslot.

If you do not want to add a specific timeslot that is listed, choose No in the Add This Timeslot? column.

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