Deleting Multiple Timeslots

If you would like to delete multiple timeslots at once, select the desired study and choose Timeslots. At the top of the Timeslots page, you will see a Delete Multiple Timeslots option. The option may not appear in certain cases where such an option is not available due to a lack of available timeslots to delete.

After going to that page, you will see a list of timeslots eligible for deletion. You can choose to view only empty timeslots (timeslots with no sign-ups), or all timeslots including those with sign-ups. If a timeslot has sign-ups, it will only be listed if there are no pending (Awaiting Action) sign-ups, no (non-zero) credit grants, and no unexcused no-shows.

Choose the timeslots you would like to delete, and choose Delete Selected Timeslots to continue. If you would like to delete all empty timeslots, there is a Check All option at the bottom of this page that will automatically select all timeslots listed on the page for deletion. Click the Uncheck All button to revert the effect of choosing the Check All option.

The system routinely deletes all empty timeslots more than 3 months old to preserve database space.

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