The Experiment Management System is used for the scheduling and management of research participants and the studies they participate in. Participants, researchers, principal investigators, and instructors all use the system for their respective purposes. As a researcher, you can set up your studies in the system, schedule the sessions (timeslots) when participants may participate, and grant or revoke credit after the session. All of this is handled through a simple web-based interface that you can access at any time, from any popular web browser.

The system is highly configurable by the administrator, to enforce the rules for the research participant pool exactly as your organization desires. It should be noted that the documentation herein might refer to features that are not enabled on your system. Contact your local administrator, whose contact information appears at the bottom of every page on the system, for more information.

System Basics

In the system, you create studies. Each study may have a number of timeslots, which are the times you plan to run the study. Participants can sign up for the timeslots by viewing a list of studies and available timeslots. You can grant or revoke credit to participants after the session occurs.

Principal Investigator Special Note

This documentation applies to both researchers and principal investigators (P.I.s), when the administrator enables P.I. Support. A P.I. can perform all the same functions on a study as a researcher. This allows a P.I. to operate as an overseer and monitor the progress of their studies, as well as step in on behalf of the researcher when necessary. Because the privileges are the same, throughout this documentation the term “researcher” can be used interchangeably with “principal investigator” except where noted otherwise. If the P.I. feature is enabled, then all studies must have a P.I. specified. The main difference between a P.I. account and a researcher account is that researchers have the option to receive routine emails from the system about their study, for example, receiving a notification any time a participant signs up or cancels, while the P.I. has no such option.

Participant ID Codes

If enabled by the administrator, the system will identify participants to you only by a unique, system-assigned ID code, and not by their name or email address for privacy reasons. Participants are made aware of this, and they are reminded to bring this code along with them when participating in studies, since the researcher will not know them by name.

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