Updating a Study

You may update any of your studies at any time. To do so, choose My Studies from the top toolbar and you will see a list of your studies. Click on the desired study, and choose the Change Study Information link.
You will see a form similar to the one you used to add the study. A few options may no longer be editable depending on the status of the study (e.g., if participants have already signed up for it). The fields shown are all the same as when you added the study. See the Adding a Study section of this documentation for an explanation of those fields.
The changes you make will take effect immediately after they are saved. When changes are made, if administrator re-approval is required before a study is made visible to participants, then you should contact the administrator to request re-approval once you have made all your changes. Changing the following fields may require a re-approval: study name, brief abstract, detailed description, eligibility requirements (the text field, not specific restrictions like prescreen restrictions, study pre-requisites/disqualifiers, or course restrictions), duration, preparation and credit value (for credit studies only). There will be a notice on the Change Study Information to warn if re-approval may be required. The system will also notify you after making changes if the study is now in need of re-approval. If re-approval is required and you are ready to request such approval, you may use the option to send such a request via the system, which is the same function you would have used to request initial study approval.
If you need to change the credit value for a study and there is no option to do so, this means the study already has at least one participant signed up for it. You cannot change the credit value when a study is in this situation because there is no way to handle past credits for the same study (e.g. should old credit grants for the same study be adjusted to reflect the new credit value or be kept the same?). If the study is nearing the end of its run and variable credit granting is enabled, then the easiest solution is to grant the new credit value to participants who sign up in the future. If you prefer that the credit value be changed for the entire study, contact the administrator who can make that change for you. Note that if the study’s credit value is changed while there are pending sign-ups, those participants are not notified of this change. You will need to notify those participants of the change in credit value if necessary.

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