Timeslots Linked to Specific Researchers

If your system is configured to allow multiple researchers per study, you will also have an option to link timeslots to a specific researcher. This is done primarily for organization purposes, and has no effect on who can view and modify the study, as well as any timeslots for that study.

This feature is useful when there are a number of researchers running a study, and researchers are responsible for running specific timeslots. If a timeslot has a specific researcher linked to it, then only that researcher will be listed as the point of contact when a participant receives any emails related to their participation in that timeslot. Only the researcher connected to that timeslot receives related notification emails, such as participant cancellation notifications, and reminder emails, assuming such emails are enabled.

It is also possible to have some timeslots where a specific researcher is linked to them, and others where all researchers who are assigned to the study are responsible for the timeslot. It is not possible to link more than one, but not all of the researchers for the study to a specific timeslot. The options are to either link one researcher to the timeslot, or all of them.

If a researcher were removed from a study, then any timeslots that were linked to them for that study would be changed. In this case, all researchers for the study are now responsible for those timeslots.

To use this feature, the system must be configured to allow multiple researchers per study. Then the study itself must be configured to allow researchers to be linked to specific timeslots. The study must have more than one researcher connected to it.

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