Videoconference Studies

If you would like to conduct your study over videoconference (Zoom, WebEx, etc.), set up the study as a standard in-person study. Videoconferences are set up at the timeslot-level and not study-level, and appear as an option when adding a timeslot for a standard study. For additional flexibility, you can set up some timeslots as videoconference and others as a typical in-person location.
When setting up a videoconference timeslot, you will need to supply the URL of the online meeting. You may use the same URL for multiple timeslots. We recommend configuring the videoconference (on the provider side) so that there is a “waiting room” and you can admit participants into the meeting. By using the waiting room feature, you can control who can enter the meeting, and it can also alleviate the need for a password. If you set up a password to join the meeting, be sure to provide it to participants either by email or in the study details.
Participants will have access to the URL 10 minutes before the appointment, and will continue to have access until the timeslot is finished. For example, if the timeslot is scheduled for 9:00 – 9:30, they will have access to the URL from 8:50 – 9:30.
Participants may access the URL from the following sources:

  • In the confirmation email sent immediately after they sign up for the study.
  • In the reminder email send the day before their appointment.
  • From the My Schedule page when they log in to the system.

The URL that participants receive is not a direct link to the videoconference URL, but instead a link to the system, which then runs some checks and sends the participant to the correct URL if it is now available for them, and otherwise they will receive a message stating when the videoconference will be available.

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