Participant Study View

If you would like to see how your study appears when participants view it, find your study and choose the Participant Study View option. This will show exactly how the study appears to participants. With the exception of a participant who views a study, next to each pre-requisite and disqualifier study is a status indicator about whether they have met that requirement. In Participant Study View, the pre-requisite and disqualifier studies are listed, but there is no status indicator next to each study in the list.

If for some reason you think your study is not visible to participants, it may be due to various restrictions you have set on the study; such as prescreen participation restrictions where too few (or none) of the participants in the pool qualify. You can ask the administrator to use the Check Study Configuration tool (available to them when they view your study) to provide advice on why your study may or may not be visible to participants. Administrators there also have an option to input a specific participant to see if that participant would qualify for your study.

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