Timeslot Usage Summary

When viewing your study, the timeslot usage summary will be available. This gives some basic information about timeslot utilization in the past and in the future, as well as some basic no-show information. It also gives information on timeslots for the study by location (if the study is not an online survey study or external web study) and by researcher (if the study is configured to allow researchers to be assigned to specific timeslots).
For credit studies, the system also provides a summary of how many credits were granted. This summary accurately computes credit usage, taking into account any variable credit grants (if Variable Credit Granting is enabled in System Settings). This summary is useful in cases where some participants may have received credit in a different amount than the study’s listed credit value.
If timeslot usage limits are enabled, the system will provide an estimate of how many timeslots can be added. Note that if the study is a multi-part study, it will estimate based on allocating the entire limit to the each part (estimates for each part are provided). However in practice, it’s more likely a researcher will want to add timeslots to all parts of the study. This should be taken into account when viewing these estimates, especially if each part of a multipart study has a different duration.

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