Download Participant List

The Download Participant List feature allows you to download or easily print a list of all participants for the study, including when they signed up for the study. You can restrict this list based on date range of the timeslots, and also on participation status.

If Participant Date of Birth Requirement is enabled in your system, so that the system collects date of birth from participants, then their age will be included to the nearest tenth decimal place (e.g. 20.2 years old). For lab studies, the age is computed based on their age on the date of the timeslot. For web studies, age is computed based on the current date (the date you run this report). Administrators who run this report will see full date of birth (not just age) for each participant. Date of birth is excluded from the data researchers receive to reduce the risk of identity theft.

The participant list also contains the date a participant signed up for the study, and in the case of external web studies and videoconference studies, it also shows the date they first clicked the link to participate in the study online.

Finally, the participant list includes a field “Grantor”, which indicates the most recent individual to have updated a given participant’s credit status (e.g., by granting credit or by marking the participant as an excused/unexcused no-show). If any later action is taken, such as changing a participant’s status from unexcused no-show to excused no-show, the name in this field will reflect the individual responsible for this action. If no action has been taken for a participant, their corresponding Grantor field will be blank. This field will also be blank for credit granted automatically. However, in the latter case, the credit status change will be reflected both in the date the credit was granted and the credit amount.

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