Videoconference Studies

Some studies may be conducted over videoconference (Zoom, WebEx, etc.). Just as with standard lab studies, you sign up for a timeslot to participate at a specific date and time.  In some cases, only some timeslots for a study will be conducted over videoconference and others will be taking place at a physical location. This will be clear when you view the location of a timeslot, as well as by the videoconference (camera) icon next to such timeslots.

You will receive the URL for the videoconference in the confirmation email that is sent right after you sign up for the study, as well as in the reminder email sent the day before your appointment. You can also find the URL by logging in to the system and going to My Schedule. The URL will become available 10 minutes before your appointment. Videoconference studies do not count towards any online credit limit that may be in place.

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