External Study Credit Granting with SurveyMonkey

With SurveyMonkey, note that some of the features used within SurveyMonkey may vary depending on your subscription level with SurveyMonkey. In most cases, you will need to have their Premier package in order to make use of the Survey Completion Redirect feature necessary for study credit granting to work properly.

While these instructions refer to “credit granting”, they work for both credit and paid studies. For paid studies, participation will be marked (instead of credit granted) just like with any other paid study.

Here are the basic steps, which are subject to change (since the product is controlled by SurveyMonkey):

  1. On your Sona Systems site, change the Study URL so it includes ?c=%SURVEY_CODE% in the URL. So if the SurveyMonkey URL is:
    then change it to
  2. Having completed Step 1, the Study Information on your Sona Systems site now displays a URL labeled “SurveyMonkey Redirect to a URL”. In SurveyMonkey, configure the survey to accept the survey code number, as a collector. Click on the “Collect Responses” tab, then “Web Link”.
  3. In SurveyMonkey collector you created in Step 2, configure the Survey End Page option (it’s in Show Advanced Options) to “On, show a custom end page upon survey completion”, and provide the SurveyMonkey Completion URL from your Sona Systems site. By doing this, SurveyMonkey will put in the survey_code number passed to the collector. If Steps 1 and 2 were completed correctly, then SurveyMonkey will add in the parameter automatically when it redirects the user. The SurveyMonkey Completion URL will look something like this:

The Integration Testing Instructions can be found here

These features are described on SurveyMonkey’s site at the following URLs:

(“What are the Survey End Page options?”) https://help.surveymonkey.com/articles/en_US/kb/What-are-the-Survey-Completion-options

(“Can I redirect respondents to a different website upon completion?”) https://help.surveymonkey.com/articles/en_US/SurveyMonkeyArticleType/Can-I-redirect-respondents-to-a-different-website-upon-completion