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Labvanced Help Page

External Study Credit Granting with Labvanced

Here are the basic steps, which are subject to change (since the product is controlled by Scicovery GmbH):

  1. Go on and publish your study (Publish & Record Tab)

  2. Copy the "Link (for Sona)" to your clipboard by clicking on the respective icon next to the link

  3. On your Sona site, ensure Study URL includes &subject_code=%SURVEY_CODE% in the URL. If the Labvanced URL is:
    then change it to

  4. Copy the Labvanced Sona Completion URL you see in the Study Information page in Sona. This URL should look roughly like this: "" Note: This completion URL MUST NOT contain the subject_code or survey_code URL parameter

  5. In Labvanced, copy the Labvanced Sona Completion URL from Sona into the Sona Completion URL input field and press Save

  6. To test: when the experiment is finished, the participant should see the back-link to Sona, and can just click the link to get rewarded. Please make sure that this back-link works as expected.

The Integration Testing Instructions can be found here