External Study Credit Granting with Cognition Lab

While these instructions refer to “credit granting”, they work for both credit and paid studies. For paid studies, participation will be marked (instead of credit granted) just like with any other paid study.

Here are the basic steps, which are subject to change (since the product is controlled by Berisoft Inc.):

  1. In Cognition Lab, go to the Web Recruiting section of the experiment settings and check ‘Allow self-enrollment’. This will give you the following set of additional options to set up a web recruiting scenario.

    Check the ‘Sona Experiment’ checkbox near the bottom and select the entire URL below and copy it. The URL will look something like this:


    This URL points to the landing page of the experiment. You will need this URL in the next step

  2. In your Sona site, go to your study and place the Experiment URL generated in the previous step in the Study URL field of your study. Having changed the Study Information, the Sona site now displays a URL labeled “Cognition Lab Completion URL”.
    Below is an example of a completion URL:


    Select the entire URL and copy it. You will need it in the next step.

  3. In Cognition Lab, reopen the experiment you want to integrate with your Sona study, and open the settings for Web Recruitment. At the bottom of the section, insert the Cognition Lab Completion URL copied from your Sona study in the previous step into the field ‘Sona Completion URL’in your Cognition Lab site.